Retail Security Systems

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

TagIt Security (Pty) Ltd offers a complete shrinkage management solution across the retail sector.

We produce, install and maintain Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security detection systems and hard tags.

TagIt Security specialises in the following technologies:

These detection units are sold with related components such as de-activators and detachers.

Consumables include:

Display Security Solutions

In addition to the above, we supply Open Display Solutions for high value goods on open display, such as (but not limited to): cellphones, tablets, i-pads and laptops.  Open display accessories include docking stations, security pods, alarming sensors and alarm cables.  We have recently launched our our latest offering namely, WIRELESS Open Display Technology, to our clients.

Door Automation

As a natural progression for securing retail entrance and exit areas, we provide services to manufacture and install glass and aluminium shopfront entrance/ exit areas with added Door Automation.  We offer single and double sliding door or single or double swing door automation as well as high speed doors for retail, office and industrial spaces.  Our portfolio include shopping center entrances, liquor store cold rooms, office buildings and laboratories.

About us

TagIt Security (Pty) Ltd is a Proudly South African company based in Cape Town with an established technical support structure in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Our sales and technical teams have over 20 years industry related experience offering our clients a wealth of expertise.

In conclusion: Tagit Security EAS anti-theft systems offer high detection rates and our associated products are of superior quality.

Give our sales team a call on 021 534 0262 to secure your quotation, alternatively e-mail us:


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