Library Book Detection System (EM)

EM Library Book Detection Systems


  • Private Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Research Libraries
  • Book Shops


  • Functional design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Superior and patented 3D EM detection
  • Excellent label detection rate in all orientations
  • PLUG & PLAY software installation
  • Compatible with all EM Tags currently available on the market
  • Attractive, low profile, robust design and technology
  • High immunity to external interference minimizes false alarms
  • Low power consumption

Pedestal Dimensions:

  • 1570mm high x 250mm long x 64mm wide
  • Base width: 90cm

EM Library Tail Tag 165mm

  • Tail Tag: 165mm x 4mm
  • For use in libraries and book stores
  • Clear de-activatable label
  • Ultra slim double sided label with adhesive strips
  • Label is inserted between the pages of books
  • Extra long tails
  • Label is well hidden
  • High detection performance


EM CD Label

  • Special label designed to directly protect CD’s/DVD’s discs for music, games and videos with high detection levels
  • Ideal for retail outlets selling CDs, DVDs and Games and public libraries
  • High detection performance
  • Compatible with all EM systems
  •  114mm


EM Deactivator and Reactivator (Sensitizer/ Desensitizer)

  • De and Re-activator for Library EM Book Labels
  • Activating and deactivating EM labels
  • Compatible with all EM labels