Electro-magnetic (EM)


  • All retail environments
  • Pharmacies
  • Beauty


  • Functional design
  • Digital signal processing
  • PLUG & PLAY software installation
  • Compatible with all EM Tags currently available on the market
  • Attractive, low profile, robust design and technology
  • High immunity to external interference minimizes false alarms
  • Low power consumption

EM Weigh-Scale Food Label

  • The unique weigh-scale label has embedded security
  • Protect all high-risk fresh food products weighed and packaged in the store
  • Specifically for: Butchery and Deli items, Fresh/ frozen fish, Cheese, etc.
  • Compatible with any scale printer version
  • Low cost, easy to apply
  • High printing quality

EM Retail: 51mm & 63mm Labels

  • Clear labels
  • Easy to apply
  • Sticks to any surface
  • Low cost
  • High detection performance
  • Compatible with all EM systems
  • Dimensions: 51mm and 63mm respectively


EM Contact Deactivator

  • Contact Deactivator for retail
  • Deactivating EM labels
  • Compatible with all EM retail labels